The Turning Point

Website Page for Turning Point with BookLife PrizeGENRE: Dark Fantasy

SERIES: Book 3 of The ELI Chronicles


WORDCOUNT: 91,100 words


SETTING: The United States (Annapolis, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.), Russia (Siberia), and two planets outside of our solar system (Athanasia and Besto Polus). (Year: 2041)

COMPS: Underworld (the movie series) meets James Patterson’s ZOO

COVER DESIGN: Damonza (https://damonza.com/)


FORMATS: Trade Paperback and eBook

“Wild, bloody, scary, and full of surprising inventions, The Turning Point makes an intergalactic war between animals, vampires, and humans both great fun and genuinely touching.” — The BookLife Prize


  • 10/23/2020: Advanced to “Semi Finalist” status in the BookLife Prize national fiction competition. (BookLife is the Indie arm of Publishers Weekly.)
  • 10/21/2020: Earned “Quarter Finalist” status in the BookLife Prize national fiction competition. (BookLife is the Indie arm of Publishers Weekly.)
  • 7/2020: BookLife selected The Turning Point’s first line as one of the best in July 2020.


“Ash is a fearless author who holds little back in terms of imagination and worldbuilding. Her formidable vision holds together seemingly disparate elements, such as vampires and alien worlds, and it certainly helps that she winks frequently at her readers.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Seasoned genre fans will be impressed by how the author balances action, gore, and heart in this volume.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Ash combines an array of fantasy concepts in a rousing new series entry.” — Kirkus Reviews


“Ash plots a twisty, surprising course through this extravagantly inventive material, always guiding readers to what matters most in any of the crisp, tightly written chapters.” – The BookLife Prize

“What sets Ash apart isn’t just the exciting ideas but the emotional weight the author finds in them. Because Ash’s characters (even the villains) have convincing inner lives, these scenes have power.” – The BookLife Prize

“Ash excels at inner monologue, memorable dialogue, visceral descriptions of the horrific, and clipped, crisp scenes of action.”  – The BookLife Prize


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“I absolutely LOVE the way Ash portrays family in her series – it feels like so many books focus on family breaking apart or struggling. But in this book, the family is strong and immobile with the rest of the world providing the conflict.”Miranda Reads (#1 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

5 Stars

“In her third and last installment in this series, Ash is at her best. Her writing is clever, creative, cohesive and utterly credible.” – Dita Daub (#3 Best Reviewer on Goodreads and Goodreads Librarian)

5 Stars

“Daring, unorthodox, extremely imaginative and downright ballsy, this series is in itself a kind of ‘One and Only’ in the fantasy genre. And I loved every single page of it!”Laura Child (#3 Top Reviewer on Goodreads)

5 Stars

“It has the relentlessly fast-pace of Young Adult fiction, but featuring adults in their 30s, without the usual tedious romance/relationship elements – I love that Ruby and Clay stay happily married throughout. This injects fresh blood into standard vampire mythology (haha see what I did there) and is able to throw in telepathic animals, teleportation to other universes, shifters and even ghosts, without derailing the overall plot.” Joanna Joseph (#6 Best Reviewer on Goodreads, known as The Cats’ Mother)

5 Stars

“Wow! What a book! Plot twist after plot twist turned this into a shocking story that surprised me at every turn, and I loved it.”Darcey Briggs (#14 Best Reviewer on Goodreads, known as Darce)

4 Stars

“From the first chapter it jumps into the thick of things with the pace going into high gear and it left me wondering what was going to happen next. My fingers were turning pages at lightning speed and I would stay up late into the night reading as I just could not bring myself to lay the book down!” – Marie Kirkland (Co-Moderator of Castle Dracula reading group on Goodreads and Blogger of Book Nook Retreat)

5 Stars

“With each entry in this series, I feel the author has refined her style. I felt not a bit of fatigue throughout any of these books, with each one keeping me glued to the page. The style is highly readable, with just the right blend of levity, suspense, and even a touch of magic. It’s rare for me to get through a book so quickly, so I must emphatically praise the style and substance here.” – Author Joshua Maley

5 Stars

“I can’t even express in words, how much I enjoyed and appreciated this series. I never lost interest or focus. I did get annoyed when interrupted while I was reading. Don’t people know when someone is intensely reading, you don’t bother them geez!!”Angela Carrillo 

5 Stars

“The series is wildly varied from novel to novel, but with the same great hook – a pace that keeps those pages turning.”Katherine Parsons 

5 Stars

“The content keeps you hooked from beginning to end, and I couldn’t put it down. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes horror, fantasy, or dystopian reads as well as anyone who enjoys a story containing other worlds, fierce heroines, and a series that keeps delivering with each and every book.” – Author Rebecca Reddell