The One and Only

December 18, 2020 Revised for WebsiteGENRE: Dark Fantasy

SERIES: Book 1 of The ELI Chronicles (ELI = Extinction Level Infection)


WORDCOUNT: 99,400 words

PAGES: 344

SETTING: Taiwan (Shifen, Taipei, and Keelung), Russia (Moscow), and the United States (Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland) (Year: 2032)

COMPS: Will appeal to fans of M. R. Carey, Justin Cronin, and A.G. Riddle.

Comparable to World War Z (the movie), only with a strong female lead and a blistering international conspiracy.

COVER DESIGN: Damonza (https://damonza.com/)

PUBLICATION DATE: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

FORMATS: Trade Paperback and eBook available now!


“In this debut horror fantasy, bioterrorism lowers a blanket of darkness and scarcity on the world but one woman may be capable of returning the light.” — Kirkus Reviews

“In addition, Ash offers an epic, blood-borne twist in the novel’s final third that should surprise horror fans. Ruby becomes someone not to be trifled with; a meaty sequel would be welcome.” — Kirkus Reviews

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“This book was a fast-paced adventure. I really enjoyed reading about Ruby “bad-ass” Spencer as she takes on the world.” – Miranda Reads (#1 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

5 Stars

“This book grabbed me by the guts and didn’t let up until the end…and even then not really.” – Dita Daub (#3 Best Reviewer on Goodreads and Goodreads Librarian)

5 Stars

“This book has creeps galore! But what set it apart and made it downright addictive, was the perverse war game between the superpowers, set on an absolutely plausible and believable premise and complemented by realistic military and fight scenes, as well as sound scientific explanation. A brilliantly mastered mix that I cannot help but admire. One that set this book straight on my Best Reads List for this year.”Laura Child (#8 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

5 Stars

“JULIA ASH delivers quite the clever, atmospheric, captivating, engaging, suspenseful and well-written story here with exceptionally well-developed and portrayed characters.”Norma Rempel (#11 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

5 Stars

“I do have to say, this is a spectacular book with a lot of dramatic plot twists, intelligently infused data and fact, and wonderful action and adventure.”Author Rebecca Reddell

5 Stars

“This book was brilliant up until the 90% mark. Then it was f**king AMAZERBEAMS!”Author Andy Marr

5 Stars

“I can totally see this book adapted to film.” – Jenn Mischenko

5 Stars

“Plenty of fast paced action. Oodles of twisty bits. Stacks of heart in mouth minutes. Plenty of characters to love then hate and hate then love. Well plotted and highly imaginative.” Booklover Catlady (Top 500 Amazon Reviewer in UK)

5 Stars

The story is well told and filled with unpredictable twists and turns. In fact, there’s no way I ever would have foreseen the amazing, shocking ending that leads us into book two. – Sheila Beaumont

5 Stars

“The book has a great pace with short chapters that keep the action going, along with some gunshots fired, bite-y zombie nastiness, and multiple beatdowns. Creates a fresh scientific take on zombie-ism.” – Author Jeffrey Caston

5 Stars

“The ending? Like Ox would say I didn’t see it coming. Amazing, brilliant, mind-blowing.Anna Szabó

5 Stars

“I can’t wait until 2019 to find out what happens with Ruby and her husband Clay. I highly recommend!!!!” – Nicole Howell

5 Stars

“Ruby is FABULOUS! And the end…well, I won’t give any spoilers but it will BLOW YOUR MIND! I truly didn’t see this one coming at all!!! And now I have to EAGERLY await book #2!!!!”                  – Bekki Kirkland

5 Stars

“When I finally took a break (reading from my iPhone kindle app), it was 1:30 am. The story is engrossing, with unpredictable twists and turns. A must read for anyone who likes their suspense mixed with a bit of science.” – Sandy Cuzzort

5 Stars

“This novel was heart-thumping, nail biting suspense with beautifully developed characters who will keep you on the edge of your seat.” – Joyce Wetlesen

5 Stars