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THE ELI CHRONICLES (dark fantasy series)

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The One and Only (Book #1)


“This book was a fast-paced adventure. I really enjoyed reading about Ruby “bad-ass” Spencer as she takes on the world.” – Miranda Reads (#1 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

“This book has creeps galore! But what set it apart and made it downright addictive, was the perverse war game between the superpowers, set on an absolutely plausible and believable premise and complemented by realistic military and fight scenes, as well as sound scientific explanation. A brilliantly mastered mix that I cannot help but admire. One that set this book straight on my Best Reads List for this year.” – Laura Child (#8 Top Reviewer on Goodreads)

“The ending? Like Ox would say…I didn’t see it coming. Amazing, brilliant, mind-blowing.” – Anna Szabó

“I do have to say, this is a spectacular book with a lot of dramatic plot twists, intelligently infused data and fact, and wonderful action and adventure.” – Author Rebecca Reddell

“This book was brilliant up until the 90% mark. Then it was f**king AMAZERBEAMS!” – Author Andy Marr

The Tether (Book #2)


“What I most admire about Ash’s books is how grounded in reality they feel. I know, it sounds odd! Zom-B, mad scientists, vampires, “aliens” and so much more – and yet the underlying characters are so solidly done that you often forget that you are in a fantasy world.” – Miranda Reads (#1 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

“The pace was relentless, the story amazingly imaginative and downright addictive. And the characters … AWESOME!” – Laura Child (#8 Top Reviewer on Goodreads)

“Ash’s talent as a storyteller and world builder, shines through in this page-turner. Her characters, including the villain, have depth, which makes them intriguing and contributes to the tension throughout. For anyone who enjoys darker fantasy thrillers, The Tether (along with the first book in the series, The One and Only) is a must read that I highly recommend!” – Author C.K. Wiles

“The writing is clean, engaging, and exciting. There’s all kinds of really really cool world-building. I love it when a writer can create a whole world, with distinct people and cultures, and sort of weave it all into the story. Julia Ash does that here.” – Author Jeffrey Caston

“Needless to say, it was an intoxicating read that kept me intent on finishing it. I couldn’t put it down.” – Author Rebecca Reddell

The Turning Point (Book #3)


“I absolutely LOVE the way Ash portrays family in her series – it feels like so many books focus on family breaking apart or struggling. But in this book, the family is strong and immobile with the rest of the world providing the conflict.” – Miranda Reads (#1 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

“Daring, unorthodox, extremely imaginative and downright ballsy, this series is in itself a kind of ‘One and Only’ in the fantasy genre. And I loved every single page of it!” – Laura Child (#8 Top Reviewer on Goodreads)

“It has the relentlessly fast-pace of Young Adult fiction, but featuring adults in their 30s, without the usual tedious romance/relationship elements – I love that Ruby and Clay stay happily married throughout. This injects fresh blood into standard vampire mythology (haha see what I did there) and is able to throw in telepathic animals, teleportation to other universes, shifters and even ghosts, without derailing the overall plot.” – Joanna Joseph (#6 Best Reviewer on Goodreads, known as The Cats’ Mother)

“Finding good books is not hard but finding exceptional books…now that is hard. Julia Ash’s The ELI Chronicles series is exceptional. I loved every word of all the three books and The Turning Point is the best of all the three books.” – Anna Szabó 

With each entry in this series, I feel the author has refined her style. I felt not a bit of fatigue throughout any of these books, with each one keeping me glued to the page. The style is highly readable, with just the right blend of levity, suspense, and even a touch of magic. It’s rare for me to get through a book so quickly, so I must emphatically praise the style and substance here.” – Author Joshua Maley