The Tether

Website blurb for The TetherGENRE: Dark Fantasy

SERIES: Book 2 of The ELI Chronicles (Sequel to THE ONE AND ONLY)


WORDCOUNT: 91,500 words


SETTING: The United States (Annapolis, Maryland), New Zealand, and two planets outside of our solar system. (Year: 2041)

COMPS: A BEAUTY AND THE BEAST retelling meets DRACULA (Bram Stoker)

Beauty and the Beast meets Dracula in this tension-filled sequel with a strong female lead.

COVER DESIGN: Damonza (https://damonza.com/)

PUBLICATION DATE: April 23, 2019

FORMATS: Trade Paperback and eBook


“An endearingly ghoulish fantasy sequel that explores unusual territory.” — Kirkus Reviews

“In this bold sequel, Ash continues to deliver unexpected elements, such as the crash of a plane without passengers, and a trip to the Eden-like Great Island in New Zealand.” — Kirkus Reviews

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“Characters are courageous here, and readers will root for some while hope others meet their demise. Main and supporting characters are well-developed and even throughout the book. Strong female characters are always a plus in a fantasy novel like this.” – The BookLife Prize

“Creating many subplots is risky, but here the author manages to pull them together and hold on to the main premise of the story, preparing the eager reader for Book 3 at the end. It seems there is never a dull moment, with plenty of twists and cliffhanging chapters.” – The BookLife Prize


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“What I most admire about Ash’s books is how grounded in reality they feel. I know, it sounds odd! Zom-B, mad scientists, vampires, “aliens” and so much more – and yet the underlying characters are so solidly done that you often forget that you are in a fantasy world.” – Miranda Reads (#1 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

5 Stars

“The pace was relentless, the story amazingly imaginative and downright addictive. And the characters … AWESOME!”Laura Child (#8 Best Reviewer on Goodreads)

5 Stars

“If you love vampires, bad ass heroines, sympathetic anti-heroes, tightly crafted stories and pixie dust, then you HAVE to read this book.”Dita Daub (#3 Best Reviewer on Goodreads and Goodreads Librarian)

5 Stars

“Needless to say, it was an intoxicating read that kept me intent on finishing it. I couldn’t put it down.”Author Rebecca Reddell

5 Stars

“The writing is clean, engaging, and exciting. There’s all kinds of really really cool world-building. I love it when a writer can create a whole world, with distinct people and cultures, and sort of weave it all into the story. Julia Ash does that here.” – Author Jeffrey Caston

5 Stars

“Ash’s talent as a storyteller and world builder, shines through in this page-turner. Her characters, including the villain, have depth, which makes them intriguing and contributes to the tension throughout. For anyone who enjoys darker fantasy thrillers, The Tether (along with the first book in the series, The One and Only) is a must read that I highly recommend!” – Author C.K. Wiles

5 Stars

“Wow. I started reading this science fiction/fantasy thriller yesterday afternoon, and I never expected to finish it today, but I could not put the book down!” – Sheila Beaumont

5 Stars

“This novel is a compelling read. The huge amount of DRAMA in the storyline drives it forward at a swift pace. Mysterious goings on and imminent peril keep Ruby, her husband Clay, daughter Gabby, and the readers guessing what will happen up to the last pages. A fabulous cast of characters from the POTUS to an incarcerated evil scientist…..and each one plays a part!” – Bekki Kirkland

5 Stars

“I can’t say a whole lot without giving too much away but Ash has flipped aspects of vampires and zombies around on their heads and created something new and quite fresh. She is in her element writing tense action scenes, and on more than one occasion had me gasping.” – Author Ravin Maurice

5 Stars

“If you liked Julia Ash’s, The One and Only, even if just a little or even if you SORT of liked it, you will LOVE The Tether! It has everything The One and Only had plus MORE ( except for gore.. it had a tad less gore, which is ok in my book..) and BETTER! More intrigue, more suspense and more page turning chapters… Better plot development, better character development, better pacing– better everything and I enjoyed it to the last gripping word . Can’t wait for The Turning Point!” – Joyce Wetlesen

5 Stars

“I recommend this book, as well as the last, to anyone interested in a well thought out story that keeps you entertained from start to finish. These are the best fiction books I’ve read in quite a long time.” – Ed Malaker

5 Stars

“This was the sequel I was waiting for! It was great to see Ruby come into her own and kick a**! This book resides more in the realm of fantasy than the first, but with the same great notes of intrigue, action, and horror that the first book gave us.” – Brooke Witherow

5 Stars

“Wow…I didn’t see this coming…I’ve read lots of vampire books but nothing like this. Unique, engaging and fast-paced.” – Anna Szabó

5 Stars

“The amazing skills of Ruby Spencer are on full display as are the writing skills of the author Julia Ash in creating an intense drama and with suspense filled chapters. Ash’s writing is imaginative and creative with many twists and turns.” – Gilbert B.

5 Stars